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The Fish Eye Fun setup at the grand opening of Artisan Caffe was a huge success. There are over 500 images!

Wanna see them all now? Go to the Fish Eye Fun Gallery.

Share For Free!

You are welcome to download and share your pictures via email or Facebook or even MySpace (does anybody still use Myspace?), but please don’t crop out the watermark at the bottom! I’m brand new to the photography business and I need the exposure (and so does Artisan Caffe!). If there is a picture that you really like but the watermark is covering up too much of your face, send me a message and I’ll be happy to move the watermark around for you.

How do you save your image(s) to post on Facebook?

  1. Go to the Fish Eye Fun Gallery.
  2. Find your images (probably the hardest part, there are over 500 of them).
  3. Right Click (or Option Click for all you cool Mac people) and select “Save Image As…”
  4. Save your image(s) on your computer. Just don’t forget where you saved them.

Simple, right?

(If you look for the “Share” button in top right of the gallery, there are a few more choices.)

Want to Order Prints?

I hope you do! There are a few options for that. (I know, it’s starting to feel like deciding what kind of peanut butter to buy at the grocery store: too many options).

Don’t worry, if you order prints they will NOT have the watermark!

Option 1 – Order Prints From Me Directly! (with a 15% discount*)

I like this option because:

  1. You will be dealing directly with me.
  2. You’ll be supporting a local St. Louis print lab
  3. There are more printing and mounting options available.
  4. The discount is better (15% instead of 5%).
  5. No shipping fees (if we can arrange a local pickup/drop off).

Here’s what you do:

  1. Find your prints in the Fish Eye Fun Gallery.
  2. Under each image is a file name that looks something like this: 20100129_ArtisanCafe_18194
  3. Write down those last five digits.
  4. Give me a call at 314-621-8638 or send me a message to discuss your print options. We can even meet at Artisan Caffe to discuss your order over a latte!

If you like, you can download my basic Print Price List in PDF format to give you some ideas before you call.

*You get 15% discount off prints if you order directly from me. The discount expires on March 30th, 2010 so be sure to order soon!

Oh, apparently there is this thing called sales tax too… prices don’t included that unfortunately.

Option 2 – Order Prints Online (with a 5% discount*)

Ordering online is a little easier but it’s not as personal. From within the Fish Eye Fun Gallery you have the option of purchasing a few select sizes of prints. Look for the “Buy” button in the top right area of the gallery. You pay by credit card, the order is sent to a lab in California, they print your pictures and ship them directly to you.

You’ll be dealing with a third party company, but it’s pretty easy and their prints are very good. I’ve ordered from them myself and I’ve never been disappointed.

*To get your 5% discount you must enter the code “FishEyeFive” during the checkout process. This code will expire on March 30th, 2010!

I hope everyone enjoys the pictures! If you know anyone who needs a photographer, send them my way!



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