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Is your name really Benjamin Trevor?
Yes and no. My full name is Benjamin Trevor Brammeier. I’ve never gone by Trevor or Benjamin Trevor in my life but when I pictured trying to spell on the phone over and over again… well, seemed like a better idea.

What are Proof Prints and why are they important?
After your wedding or portrait session, I pick all the keepers and do a color correction and basic editing pass. In addition to uploading these images to your online proofing/ordering gallery, depending on your package, I will provide you with actual 4×6 prints of each image.

The experience of sitting around a table with your family and friends passing around pictures of your wedding or children is a much better experience than everyone crowding around a computer screen. I think it’s just more personal and that’s important to me.

Do I get my digital files?
Some collections include high resolution digital image proofs with a personal usage license.

Why do your wedding packages cost MORE than some other photographers?
I take the responsibility of photographing your wedding very seriously. Being a professional photographer doesn’t just mean being able to take a good picture or having a decent camera. It means investing in professional gear and services to insure that your wedding day, a once in a lifetime experience, is documented without any problems.

To insure this I have the following:

  • Three professional Nikon cameras (two D700s as primary, D90 as backup)
    I would strongly advise every bride to be cautious about hiring a photographer with just one camera. If it malfunctions right in the middle of your vows, you and your photographer are screwed.
  • Professional grade lenses and speed lights.
  • Nikon Professional Services membership
    Through my NPS membership I have access to emergency loaner equipment should I have to send my cameras in for repair right before your wedding.
  • Backup, Backup, Backup!
    Hard drives will crash. Computers will die. Memory cards will fail. At my studio I back up your images FOUR separate times:  on two hard drives in my studio, a hard drive stored off-site, and on gold archival grade DVD(s) stored off-site.
  • Professional post production software and hardware.
  • Professional Vendors
    I work only with professional print labs and album vendors.
  • Liability and Equipment Insurance

Why do your wedding packages cost LESS than some other photographers?
Simply put: my level of experience. I’m the new kid on the block. I worked in the motion picture industry for about ten years as an assistant director (which I describe as being similar to a wedding planner). In the summer of 2009, after shooting a few wedding for friends, I decided to make a career change.  I launched Benjamin Trevor Photography in January of 2010.

I’ve invested in the gear and, as you can see in my portfolio, I know how to use it. However, I am still learning. For example, my posing skills for the formals and group shots are still a little clunky.  I’m still developing my business work flow. I will be honest with you every step of the way. It wouldn’t be right of me to charge the same rates as someone who has been doing this for years with dozens (if not hundreds) of weddings under their belt.

If you’re uncomfortable with my level of experience, I totally understand. I encourage you to visit the photographers listed on my preferred vendors page.


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