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Fish Eye Fun… New and Improved… It's Coming…

I’ve been working on some improvements for my Fish Eye Fun setup… there will be a new section of my website dedicated to this with a list of all the new improvements. In the mean time, here is a sneak preview:

Benjamin Trevor Photography

This is me. Yes, I’m by myself in my studio wearing stupid glasses and a stupid hat and jumping up and down pretending to be afraid of a flying pink boa.

Yes, I’m single.

Benjamin Trevor Photography

Even Charlie likes to get in the action.

Benjamin Trevor Photography

Don’t worry, I was actually there to catch him.

More Fish Eye Fun coming soon! Stay tuned!

A Little Night Music Three

My dad is a singer. He’s been singing all his life. Didn’t you know he played Lancelot in in high school? 😉

Last night he performed with a group of other singers at Schwaig Art Glass Works in Lafayette Square in “A Little Night Music Three.” It was put together by B. Derton Studios. Special thanks to Steve Brammeier (my dad), Anna Blair, Shirley Aschinger, Brian Derton, Bob Becherer, Carolyn Lesser and of course Carol Schmidt on the piano for such fun music filled evening. If you’d like to see more images from the event visit my New Client Gallery page. You’re welcome to download a copy of your picture.

The Gates

So, the reason I’ve neglected the blog so much over the past couple months is I’ve been working on a TV series for ABC called The Gates. ABC recently started airing promos for the June 20th premier:

I worked the first four episodes and now I’m off to Detroit, MI for Harold and Kumar 3. Yes, Harold and Kumar 3. I’ll be finished and back behind my camera full time in late August. In the mean time I’m still accessible via phone. Please don’t hesitate to call! I’m still booking for the rest of 2010 and of course all of 2011.

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